About Us


Our mission is to provide the most cost effective application platform for embedded devices.


Producers are grasping for cheaper, faster and better solutions. The magic formula is to offer more on cheaper and simpler hardware.

Due to the resource hunger on modern operating systems, producers has been forced to use more expensive hardware than the actual workload of the application requires.

The operating system's extreme demands on hardware has made it impossible for hardware and software producers worldwide to reach the magic formula before.

The formula can now be reached using our application platform based on +35 years of experience and 5 years full time programming.

What's the secret? It's really simple - While others have reached the end of road by trying to "do more of the same" - thus adding processor and memory demands, noisy active cooling solutions etc, we took a new bottom up approach to software development.

Our BIOS and OS are written from scratch in tedious assembly language, a programming language very few people know and even fewer master.

Assembly language gives direct control of the CPU and allows for tight, clever code which simply translates to high performance using minimum resources.