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During our +35 years experience of software, hardware and problem solving we often found our selves "reinventing the weel" over and over again.

As the available operating systems was a disappointment, we decided to develop our own.

We were satisfied with the performance of the OS, but as the BIOS was too slow for "instant booting" we had to develop our own.

From the experience of helping companies out with their embedded systems, we added unique features in both the BIOS and OS that made them suited for embedded systems.

Our work resulted in an application platform taking care of all the functionality needed in a typical embedded system. Thus we and the ones using our platforms can focus entirely on the application.

More work on less resources

The performance of our OS also resulted in the side effect of severly reduced manufacturing cost. We actually perform more work on a low cost CPU than another OS on a high cost CPU.

This is the essence of who we are. Our passion is doing our best to bring you the most cost effective and productive system for your application.


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