Our development platforms covers everything from the simplest X86 device to the industrial COM express system with customized BIOS requirements.

Our platforms

    The targets for our development platforms are any individual having a passion for engineering. They will fit in education, hobby activities and prototyping for inventors within or outside a company.

    The minimum platform is a board or mini PC with our BIOS integrated. If will be suitable for people using another OS than PDOS or developing there own.

    The maximum platform is a board or mini PC with BIOS, OS and development tools. It comes with two different sets with development tools. Full source code for the tools, run time libraries and applications are provided. 

    Due to the clarity and ease of use, students will benefit as they will learn more. When they have finished school they will already be accustomed with the best way to develop a product.

    Besides being great in learning, these platforms will be used for prototyping products. Thus anyone developing a product will choose the chip they need and then use one of our platforms to quickly prototype their software, while they are developing their custom board.


    PX30 development platform with J1900 CPU. 

    Minnowboard development platform with E3815, E3826 or E3845 CPU and integrated SSD.

    Kontron Com Express mini board with E3845 and eMMC.



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