PBIOS integrated PDOS running the SMT application.

Debugging a multi threaded PDOS application example in Open Watcom debugger.

The perfect platform for high performance, cost effective embedded system devices.


PBIOS was developed from the ground up for embedded systems. The BIOS uses a minimal amount of space, thus leaving most of the flash memory available for a file system.

The file system part of the flash memory is emulated as a drive that will boot PDOS if no other boot device exist.

The integrated PDOS can be used as a standalone system or as a tool for management of the system. The SMT tool above is one way to use it, but it can be used for any type of application.

It would also be very useful to integrate all applications in the flash memory and don't use any other boot devices. In this case you will save the cost and power consumtion of a hard drive for example.

As the file system is in read only memory and loaded as a ramdisk, any trojan or virus will simply disappear when the system is restarted.

PBIOS is backward compatible with legacy BIOS and can be used with any operating system. There are many unique features however, that can be used by any boot loader aware of them.


PDOS was also developed for embedded systems. Together with PBIOS it forms an ideal platform for building cost effective, high performance  embedded devices.

PDOS is very easy to use and productive to work with. It is lighting fast and requires minium resources. This is all by design, as we think it's better to scale up from a tight platform than the other way around.

PDOS is perfect for security and performance applications like IoT, cloud, military, medical, economy and money transfer applications.

Development tools

The development tools are based on Open Watcom. One toolset is integrated in Open Watcom style and the other has been heavily modified to be easier to understand and to enhance productivity. The tools and run time libraries are all open source.




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